The seas have never been less safe! The infamous pirates of Sencliff are opening their ranks to all manner of ne'er-do-wells. Outlaws and exiles, the desperate and the thrill-hungry, are all flocking to the remote island to sign the Articles of Sencliff - essentially a contract offering exclusive services and benefits for those willing to commit themselves to a life of piracy.

This opportunity represents an alternate career path and home base for player characters, new and old alike. Those drawn to a lawless life on the high seas will enjoy access to two ships reserved for those possessing a Pirate Contract, the Liberator and the Warship. They will also find shelter on an island with expanded quarters, new merchants, and NPC services catering to sailors and buccaneers.

A unique line of one-time quests offers advancement for pirate PCs, who will see their reputation and stature increase as they perform tasks befitting a salt-bitten seadog.

The life of an outlaw is not without costs, and those who commit to the Sencliff Articles will find themselves excluded from politics on the main island's settlements. Some daring rebels might call this a benefit and not a drawback!

Escape the long hand of the law, and embrace the rough and tumble life of a free corsair!

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