The Shattered Badlands

It has been a century since the apocalyptic floods and earthquakes that devastated a whole region of the Underdark beneath the isle of Arelith. While its civilization went on to flourish in the newly built city of Andunor, and elsewhere the Dwarves found alliance with the svirfneblin and strengthened the roots of Brogendenstein, the lands where once Urblexis and Udos stood became a shattered, blighted, wasteland.

Over the decades that followed the region found a new purpose; a lawless territory for the criminal and the crazed. The spriggans of the destructive god Urdlen built their village of Blightmede, the Ra'val Wyvern Riders laid claim to a surviving peak, and gradually, the Badlands Scavengers established a brutal society unlike any other Arelith has known.

This major update, the first (and smallest) of two underdark updates scheduled for the coming month introduces a host of new content.

5 new areas, with many others expanded or overhauled.
Over twenty new creatures.
4 new writs (quests), including a long requested writ to tackle the Duergar Psion-King of Umbrick's Halls. The badlands writs are available at the Ogre's Fist Trading Post or the Deep Gnome Village in Brogendeinstein.
A new caravan route between the Ogre's Fist and the Shattered Badlands

The Badlands Scavengers await you in the Scrap Foundry.

Toxic spillage is causing some strange mutations in the Waste Caves

Is nothing sacred to the art-wrecking spriggans?!

New Resources.

We've added six new resources to the Underdark.

Goreslick Witchet - carnivorous fungi providing meat and magical blood from its victims.
Sussur Branch - Providing both softwood 'Ancient Yew' and Lady's Tear.
Ocufex Stalk - a fungi resembling a deformed eyestalk, providing the crafting resource 'sweetberry'

Grumbar's Beard - A fungi with flax like hairs, providing the crafting resource 'Cotton'
Orbb Agaric - A toxic, brain-like bulb providing various different poison ingredients.
Slickweep - An unloved greasy weed, providing the crafting resources oil and harnak

Dungeon 'Explosives'

In addition to the player crafted explosive barrels, we've introduced dungeon features that will explode if destroyed by fire or electricity.

Powder Barrels, a combustible mixture of bootleg smokepowder and shrapnel
Acid Vats - Found in more magical 'laboratory themed' dungeons, these will cause significant damage when shattered.
Heliumite (Heliumic Crystals) - Naturally occurring crystals filled with super-cooled liquid.

As always details of this update can be found on our forums, or join our partnered Discord.

The Duergar King of Umbrick's Halls. Who needs to be able to see when you're Psionic?