Since the launch of Enchanced Edition, the starting location of Skal has remained popular with players of Arelith - a dungeon heavy, exclusively low-mid level server isolated from the distant isle of Arelith.

Eventually, of course, characters choose to leave; the lure of the greater isle to the south just too great to resist indefinitely. This update is the largest single addition to Skal since the launch of the server 4 years ago.

It includes:

Skal Fell

A large mountain rises from the slopes of Dun Magog, Spread across 9 areas, this region allows extensive use of Arelith's climb skill, and is home to a number of dungeons. Making extensive use of the still relatively new 'Early Winter' tileset from Zwerkules, and added to Neverwinter Nights with the relase of Tyrant of Moonsea, it offers a fresh opportunity for the explorers of Skaljard.

Dunmarle Crypts

Beneath Dunmarle Castle, the crypts of the Laird's many ancestors extends deep within the frozen earth, and home to ghouls, feeding upon their many bones. The Crypts and Bone Pits are a drawn for adventurers and tomb robbers alike.

Beneath even the Dunmarle Crypts, the 'Tomb of the Lost Laird'

Overall this update includes

- Over a dozen new areas

- Many new creatures as of yet unseen on Skal

- 7 new quests (writs), extending up to seventeenth level, including the Skaljard finisher 'The Dragon of Skal', where characters can ascend the peak to achieve one final glory before heading on to Arelith.

Details of this, and other updates, as always, on our forums and official Discord.