Players are invited to take part in a naval race event on Sunday the 19th May

Using any of the player ships we encourage as many players as possible to take part. With many ships rentable for the duration, and private ships undoubtedly looking for extra crew, there should be ample opportunity to participate.

The race will begin at 16.00 EST from Sibayad Town. The stages will be released closer to the event, but will require each crew to sail between the destinations, and make landfall at each so as to reach the specified checkpoint.

Remember there are few rules, and while the Dreadnaught of the Underdark cannot take part it is likely to be preying on the ships that are. This is a test not only of speed, but each ships ability to deal with the many dangers of sailing the archipelago, and that of the crew to reach the often perilous landbound destinations en-route.

You can vote your preffered ship on Arelith, and discuss the event on our forums.