Beneath the frozen lands of Skal lies a region of the upperdark that is equally isolated. This is the wildark - far from the great drow and duergar nations, a savage frontier of primitive tribes and unusual monsters. The ettercap spider shepherds, the myconids and nomadic quaggoth tribes - all exist in a place that, until now, had been left largely undisturbed.

A timy enclave of Deep Imaskari are the only civlised denizens of the Skaldark. Living within their tower on the slopes of Myrk-Fælinn they observe the life of lesser beings both above and below, for these men and women have forever foresworn the hidden city of Deep Imaskar in order to live among the world beyond the Great Seal.

This expansion of the Distant Shores server introduces many new areas, creatures and dungeons to the 'low level' starting location of Skaljard, nearly doubling its size and providing many new opportunities for those adventurers willing to brave the frozen wastes.

With updates to the Deep Imaskar player race, and a new start location on the Distant Shores, this update also sees the addition of dozens of new creatures, and the ability for player towns to select an official faith for their settlement.

Details of this update can be found on our forums.