Braving the harsh winter winds, the settlers of Skaljard were soon aware that they were not the first pioneers to attempt settlement upon the frozen isle.

Elven ruins, rumored to date back to the Crown Wars, to a time when so much was destroyed, abandoned and forgotten offered a mere glimpse as to what life may have once been like there. Yet further afield, upon the peak of a Dun Erin stood the 'Erinstones', a simple calendar to some, but one with inscriptions that bore four prophecies for four ruinous seasons yet to come. Beyond even that, the Blighted Crags of Dun Torun, a place of twisted rocks, bitter rains and malformed fey-folk, a cursed glade where only poisons now grow.

Then of course came the Weeping Friars, sick with the Whitewasting. Seeking to live out the remainder of their lives in cloistered isolation. It was not long until the first children of Skaljard fell sick....

Little surprise then that the the locals, steeped in fireside tales and folklore, feared to tread the lands south of the village, and did nothing when ice crept forward to seal their route to the Low Road.

A century later then, the adventurers of Skaljard blew a path through the ice, and began a long overdue exploration of the the southern frontier. What they found? The chapel and undercroft of the Friars derelict, the last of the plague-bearers long dead. Further south, into the lands of Dun Erin they continued, and found that many of the tales whispered in the village were all too true. Skaljard may yet live to regret opening the border to Dun Erin.

The Chapel of the Weeping Friars as it was found by the adventurers

A mysterious portal sits at the centre of the Cursed Glade

The Erinstones are inscribed with prophecies for the future of Skal

A large player event as the first group entered the lands of the Dun Erin launched this extensive update. Including:

- nine new areas

- a player run chapel and stockade

- 4 new dungeons

- six accompanying quests