Close to the peaks of the Darks Spires mountain range, and towering over the base camp, the Spires Citadel is final fortification, and last civilized settlement before one enters the most unforgiving and dangerous region on the Arelith mainland.

Utilizing many new assets available on Arelith, and as a precursor to a series of updates planned for the Dark Spires early in 2021, this is the 3rd castle added to Arelith's Land Brokerage System, whereby player settlements can bid for 5 year leases to control and administer these unique locations.

Following on from our addition of the new 'Leadership' skill it also contains 3 new henchmen, soldiers of the local garrison, that can be used by the owners, in addition to powerful warhorses and a number of player quarters.

The Approach to the Citadel

A trebuchet ready to fire.

A number of NPC and player shops on the lower floor.

A Banquet Hall

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