"Spilling from the infinite realm of Arcadia, the formians are a race unlike any other; they will build until they reach the limits of our world, feed until not a single one of us is left. The doom of the Upperdark does not spring from its stygian depths as we expected, nor from the malice of our enemies - rather it comes in cold and detatched, from an alien creature to whom we are little more than livestock."

This long anticipated update Arelith's Upperdark was first streamed last year, to a large audience of Arelith and Neverwinter Nights fans alike. Alongside a wealth of other new content and dungeons, it has now finally gone live.

This update includes:

- The massive formian territories, possibly the largest single dungeon now in Arelith's Underdark. If you wish to learn more of these creatures, this excellent video from AJ Pickett may prove a helpfui resource.

- An update to the Ogre's Fist Trade Post, including new merchants, a visual overhaul, a caravan service, and a coal mine.

- 8 New Quests (Writs)

- The Stairwell Player Guildhouse

- The Fungal Bloom

- The Fallen Mausoleum

- The Mercenary Army Bridgehead

- The Breedmaster Spire

- Whole new Underdark cavern & ceilings models, allowing us to bring new depth to the region.

- Many new monsters

- A number of expanded and reworked areas

The Gates to the Formian City

Powerful Crystals Protect the Queen from all eight schools of magic

The Fungal Bloom

The Fallen Mausoleum

An orcish mercenary army has established a bridgehead near Brogendeinstein

Ships on the Subterranean 'Undrenzee' bring in fresh warriors with each passing cycle.

The additition of new, custom-crafted resources allow us to paint underdark ceiling and caverns beyond the edge of the map.

For further news on this and other updates, please visit our forums, or official Partnered Discord.