In a raft of new content touching almost every corner of the server, new area developer 'Twohand' has made their debut working for the server, culminating in a massive eight area extra-planar dungeon, Zamishar's Woe.

This update includes:

- Over a dozen new areas

- Many new monsters

- Two new Skaljard Quests

Lair of the Shadowcrafter

Deep Within the Skaldark, beyond the Craggy Maw, the Gloom Cultists and their shadowhaunt minions practice all manner of dark magic.

A Remote Cottage

Choice real estate is ever in demand on Arelith, and this ideally situated home is sure to fetch a high price from whichever player is lucky enough to obtain it.

The Cricket Caves Homes

Replacing an existing area in the Arelith forest, this set of highly atmospheric cave quarters would be perfectly suited to a woodland guild.

The Northlanders

Raiders have come to Skaljard, and if left unchecked may bring the isolated town to its knees.

The Weatherstone Cave

With the ability to create storms across the entire of Arelith, the Weatherstone has long been a powerful druidic landmark. This cave now provides the area with a perfect base of operations for those seeking to lay claim to the ancient site.

Zamishar's Woe

The great dragon Zamishar, who once stalked Avernus is long dead. His killers have now erected a great fortress, named after their conquest. This highly challenging dungeon now ranks among the largest on the server.


In the most dangerous waters of the archipelago, this isolated isle is home to the Temple of Dagon.

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