It's been a frantically busy few weeks for Arelith developement, and I haven't had time to post fresh news articles for each of the many updates.

We have made significant improvements to the AI of monsters and spawns lately, which has really shaken up the experience of dungeoneering. NPCs calling to each other help, laying traps for the PCs, patrolling the dungeons and much else. We've also signifcantly improved the behaviour of native animals, making for a far more immersive and natural experience when exploring.

In crafting much has changed also, not only with the addtion of many new recipes, but also a system of dynamic resource placement and the possibility to earn experience by practicing one's craft.

Elsewhere the new Spellsword class has seen continued improvement in line with feedback from players, and DM have been granted a number of new tools to enhance their ability to create enjoyable quests and encounters.

As always the details can be read about on the update thread on our forums.