Lying along the border between the lands of Cordor and those of Bendir Dale, Whidershin Edge (Formerly 'Mayfield's Junction') is a village long rooted in neutrality, in a land otherwise riven by political divides.

This update sees the village significantly expanded, with two key additions.

The Festival Grounds of Whidershin cover a large tract of land to the west of the village, hosting;

  • An Arena tent
  • A Jousting Field & Stands
  • An Event tent
  • A Gambling Tent
  • Over 30 Temporary Stalls.

The Festival Grounds at Whidershin Edge

This area exists to be used by characters wishing to arrange large-scale events, and is open to all players.

Mayfield's Tavern has seen a large update.

  • Can now be purchased and run by players, using the Arelith's barkeep system – including a group of new private rooms for the owner.
  • The owner will generate a profit from each room rented
  • Some quarters have been improved
  • The addition of many new NPCs, including a peddler, and quest-giver
  • 2 new player shops.

The Tavern of Mayfields

As normal, details of this update can be found on our forums.