Representing the vested interests and influential factions of Guldorand, the Founders' Council is the defacto parliament of the city, and the group to which the High Sheriff is answerable. It was they, together, that first funded and built the city, their people which inhabit and run many of its establishment, and their gold which continues to grease the wheels of power, both at home and abroad.
This disperate, and often fractious, group bring with them their own rivalries, fed by conflicting ambition and intrigue, but it is they, together, that work to ensure the city retains its freedom from tyranny and absolute rule.
They work together in drafting the Guldorand City Charter, a series of documents, rulings and laws that guarantee liberty to those that make their home there, ensuring that no one group or faction is favoured above any other.

* As with other settlements on Arelith, players may elect its political leader, the High Sheriff, and in doing so take the reins of power. The Guldorand Founders' Council are the influential NPCs, that set the confines of that power, and frequently interact with player either as the leaders of their respective groups, or as members of the council itself.

The Council Members

(From left to right in above image)

Albrecht von Hallenstein

A former Companion of the Pallid Mask, Albrecht von Hallestein journeyed to Arelith alongside the Thayvian delegation to join those of his church the newly built Scrivener's Keep, establishing an order of Crypt Knights, and, somewhat reluctantly, taking the Jergalite place upon the Founders' Council of Guldorand due to his aristocratic background.

Originally from Damara, Albrecht was the 5th son of the Graf von Hallenstein, and abandoned the noble court to join the Jergalite church soon after death of his young wife and infant child. Now in his autumn years, the old man does not speak of this past, save for when clutching their portraits, which hang of a pendant around his neck, as he makes his daily prayers for their safe passage through the afterlife.

While no longer fully capable of combatting the undead, he continues to wear the raiment of a knight, rarely being seen without arms or armour.

Malcolm Kendrick

From the kingdom of Corwell on the isle of Gwynneth, Malcolm Kendrick journeyed to Guldorand to act as the defacto ambassador for Moonshae, representing the interests of his country folk that have settled here, promoting trade, and sitting upon the city's Founders' Council.

Far from a natural politician, Malcolm is a keen outdoorsman and mountaineer, lured to Arelith not by the position, but rather due to its expansive wilderness. Much of the time he is absent from the city, exploring the Skull Crag Mountains or scaling the peaks of the Dark Spires.

He is a personable individual, who while undoubtedly rough around the edges, has proven himself an ally to the city state's tradespeople, labourers and dockworkers, and often champions their interests.

A perennial bachelor, Malcolm's uncommon mixture of ruggedness, titled nobility and common touch has made him something of a heartthrob among many in the city, and despite his limited influence easily the most popular figure on the Founders' Council. With only a modest stipend from Corwell he supplements his income by importing a range of outdoor equipment which he sells from his home within city.

Jahangir Khadem

In his native tongue 'Jahangir' means 'Conqueror of the World', an ironic misnomer for a man, who was, a socially inhibited minor administrator on one of the Iron Throne's less profitable trade routes.

It was only when the organization fell, with it's leaders assassinated, reputation in tatters and the bulk of its assets seized or destroyed, that Jahangir discovered that, even he, was obliged to live up to the lofty name his parents had given him.

Quick thinking, logistical aptitude, and a careful attention to detail allowed him to quickly consolidate what was left of the once powerful mercantile fleet, it's remaining assets and surviving members and shepherd them to Arelith, to aid in the founding of a new settlement upon its northern shore; the city of Guldorand.

The Iron Throne was itself so stranger to region, having had dealings with with the nearby logging camp and village, the precursor to the city itself. With a solid reputation among its populace Jahangir judged it, and distant isle of Arelith it sat upon, to be a tenable location for a new base of operations, albeit on a far lesser scale than the organization was previously used to.

Overseeing trade between the Arelith Archipelago, Moonshae, and Lantan, in addition to a number of smaller isles, Jahangir is keenly aware the future of the Iron Throne hangs on a thread. Despite commanding the largest navy currently based on Arelith, Jahangir is risk averse, nearly to the point of timidity; willing to risk neither ships nor soldiers without no other recourse.

One of the most powerful individuals on Guldorand's Founders' Council, he is often a voice of caution and compromise, a proponent of careful fiscal management and deeply wary of unchecked ambition.

Guldrun of Sundabar

A dwarf from the fortified city of Sundabar in the Silver Marches, Guldrun respresents the Lords' Alliance on the Founders' Council of Guldorand.

Formerly a sergeant in the Stone Shields, the city watch of Sundabar, she came to the attention of the Ruling Master during her investigation of the 'Meat-hook' murders, a string of grizzly crimes committed between 1366 and 1369, which ended in the arrest of the 'Butcher of Baldiver', largely due to her own efforts, and at the cost of her left hand and forearm during their final confrontation.

Dispatched to Guldorand as one of three representatives of the Lords' Alliance, her focus is very much on the city's military, and has frequently been instrumental in securing funding and resources for the Guldorand Garrison.

Forthright, and uncompromising, she is a woman who is nevertheless known to have a tender nature; most notably due to her tutelage of many of city's poorer children who would otherwise be unable to afford an education.

Klara Send, Doomguide

Klara is of clear orcish heritage but has ultimately embraced her humanity (and will show minor disdain for orcbloods who favor the violent, murderous aspect of their heritage). She wears the silver headband that all priests of the Judge of Dead do and the golden edge of her cloak signifies her ultimate ranking within the Church of Kelemvor.

She is a Doomguide within the cult of Lord Kelemvor - having endured years of difficulty and even death itself to better understand and so to better know how to defeat the undead.

She came to organize the reclamation of the land around the city in its early stages and so far leads the Church of Lord Kelemvor in the area - along with the the various funerary and grave-digger guilds in the city.

Anatalania Silden

Arguably the most powerful individual on Guldorand's Founders' Council, the sorceress Anatalania Silden is the appointed consul of Evermeet. Coming from a powerful family in their capital city, Anatalania is directly related to the Speaker of Leuthilspar, a member of the Council of Evermeet.

A charismatic and compassionate woman, she lacks the lofty isolationism common to many of our country-folk, and takes a keen interest in the wellbeing of Arelith's elven population.

Hagar Gursultur, Khazark of the Guldorand Enclave

This the Khazark Hagar of the House Gursultur. This diviner was granted the privilege of establishing an enclave of her home nation of Thay in an undisclosed agreement with the merchants guilds of the dockyard. Since that day her hold within the city has been open to the public - selling cheap arcana to the masses and arcane insight - especially in her specialization of Divination - for the privileged few.

Blaze Abineri

Possessing the rank of 'Blaze' within the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company, Halic Abineri is an officer of considerable experience, and has been a member of the organization for much of his adult life. A veteran of Fort Flame in Anchorome, he was one of few warriors to have survived the original expedition in 1364.

Contracted to protect the city of Guldorand during its construction, Abineri now sits upon the Founders' Council, representing the Flaming Fist's continuining interest in the city-state, both as a branch of its mercenary company, but also an essential supply route to its fortress in the New World.

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