On Valentine's Day Weekend, 2021, and after over two years of development, Arelith will finally be opening its new city of Guldorand. This event will run from Friday the 12th of February, to Monday the 15th.

This city was developed with many of the resources recently updated to Neverwinter Nights, and its release marks not only a significant shift in quality for Arelith, but also a major moment its history.

Overlooking the City of Guldorand

This city includes

  • Over 100 new areas
  • An extensive dungeon, known as the 'Deep Wells'
  • Many new creatures
  • Five new vessels for Areliths' ship system
  • Dozens of new player housing and shops
  • A mid-level start position, redeemable with a normal award (see below)

Over the next month we will be releasing details on many of the unique locations, NPCs and other gameplay opportunities associated with the city of Guldorand, much of it accompanied by in game screenshots, in addition to more exclusive paintings and sketches from artist Matheus Graef

An Artillerist mans the bombard overlooking the Beggar's Gate

The Free Award

The Award System on Arelith is a means by which players, when retiring their character can obtain a percentage chance of receiving one of 4 possible awards, allowing the play of rare races, classes other special content. As part of our event we will offering a FREE NORMAL AWARD to every unique Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition CD key. Whether it is players joining Arelith for the first time, or those that have been with us for many years, this will offer the opportunity to play a part of this news story from its very outset, a whole new chapter in the long history of Arelith.

The Map of the City

A Change to Calendar

The addition of the nation state of Guldorand, in its resident factions, embassies and political intrigue moves Arelith closer to the lore and history of the Forgotten Realms than it has ever been.

As such a decision was taken that after spending the last 18 years operating on a separate calendar (Arelith Reckoning) which kept us effectively 'frozen in time' at the date 1371 the time had come to fully synchronize with the Calendar of Harptos, and begin to move forward from 1372, albeit on a somewhat divergent timeline.

This change will be accompanied by a slowing of game time, down from 10x that of the realm world, to 3. As such one game day will be exactly 8 hours. As shown below. (This will NOT affect game character/combat mechanics) Time & Real Time on Arelith

The above change will raise significant questions about how to frame our history up until this point, which will be addressed on our forums in due course.

Further news on the new city will be released on our Home Page (including details of the Guldorand State, the Deep Wells & The Founders' Council) over the next weeks, and on Twitter.

The Elven Quarter of Guldorand