As we draw closer to the Valentine's Day weekend launch event for Arelith's new city, we continue looking at various aspects of the new city. This time, the instruments of state power, and how characters can play a role in running the city.


As with player settlements elsewhere on Arelith, characters can register as electors in the city, and take part in regular elections to choose their ruling faction and leader. Guldorand has two such positions, one for the city-state itself, and the other for the autonomous Elven Quarter

The High Sheriff

The ruler of the city state, and the chief executive officer of the Founders' Council. The High Sheriff is responsible not just for the administration and judiciary of the city itself, but all the lands of the city state beyond. It is without doubt the most powerful position in Guldorand. As with all setttment leaders the High Sheriff must specify a ruling faction, and may also approve player characters for members in the City Watch. The Founders' Charter also obliges them to appoint a Lord Marshal to command the Guldorand Garrison (See below)

The Coronal of Myon

Myon is the heart of elven power on Arelith, lying deep within the forests that cover the central isle. One of the oldest settlements on Arelith, their ruler, the Coronal of Myon, is also responsible for the Elven Quarter in the city, with the two connected via a portal at the city's High Elven Hall. While the Coronal has limited authority elsewhere in the city, they are permitted by the Founders' charter to recommend elven members of the Guldorand Garrison.


The two faction houses are extensive buildings in the city, and open only to members of the ruling faction. With a number of valuable resources housed within, they are the defacto seats of player power in the city.

The State Building of Guldorand is home to the ruling player faction.

The Faction House in the Elven Quarter


"The ENFORCEMENT OF LAW within the city MUST NEVER be practiced by the soldiers of Guldorand outside of a STATE OF EMERGENCY during TIMES OF WAR.


TROOPS MAY NOT DEPLOY within the city, outside of manning the walls and defensive armaments or carrying out the PROTECTION of STATE BUILDINGS.

Members of the Guldorand Garrison have NO AUTHORITY to command the CITIZENRY of the city." - The Founders' Charter

The Garrison House

Charged with defending the city from attack or patrolling the surrounding mountains, the soldiers of Guldorand's Garrison are a popular and reassuring sight for many that call the city home.

While many share a penchant for drinking, gambling, and living lives of excess, such vices are easily forgiven among a populace for whom they willingly lay down their lives; for while the life of a Garrison Soldier is all too often cut short, it is also one defined by the bonds of brotherhood and fraternity, and very few would trade it for anything else.

The Guldorand Garrison are commanded by the Lord Marshal, a player position appointed directly by the High Sheriff, both citizens of Guldorand and Myon may opt to serve in the Garrison, with the approval of the their respective leaders. In addition to commanding a fearsome fighting force on land, the Garrison is also in command of the Guldorand Galleon - the largest warship currently sailing the archipelago.

The Soldiers of the Guldorand Garrison


Captain Barraclough and the City Watch

"Working long shifts, pursuing petty criminals, and living lives that while punctuated by moments of fleeting drama, are mostly a series of tedious patrols, and uneventful postings.

The Watch routinely interact with the very worst element in the city, and are often obliged to intrude upon the private lives of its citizens and traders. It is little surprise then, that they are an unpopular, if necessary, feature of life within the walls of Guldorand. Sometimes distrusted, often despised; it is a vocation that few find appealing.

Wearing rough uniforms of rigid leather, and carrying distinctive long wooden batons, they are a common sight along the streets and alleyways of the city."

For characters who'd rather forgo military life, a career in the City Watch is always possible. Run by the NPC Captain Barraclough, it is a job that only requires a letter of recommendation from the High Sheriff. The City Watch has no jurisdiction in the Elven Quarter, and will not patrol there.

"The hard-drinking, embittered captain of the Guldorand City Watch is hardly a personable individual, though is nevertheless a dwarf with a keen sense of justice, if not always of law.

A self confesssed 'city dwarf' he has little patience for the haughty culture and pomposity of his mountain dwelling kin, preferring to face the realities of what he considers a complex and uncertain world.

Wearing a long weatherproof coat, and favouring a widebrimmed hat and heavy mace, he is not a natural adminstrator; and will often take to the streets alongside his men, to break up dockside brawls or drag a difficult felon back to the cells."

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