As one citadel finally falls into ruin in the southern forest, another, quite different, rises in the north.

A area update covering the Arelith forest with many differing components, and from two different area developers.

This update includes:

- 9 New Areas

- 2 New Quests

- 2 New Spawn Sets

- A new player quarter

The Stronghold of Many Eyes

Alongside new bugbear models, the Stronghold of many eyes is a large dungeon in the Nexus region of Arelith. A challenging location, the accompaning writ (quest) can be obtained in Brogendenstein, Minmir and Bendir. This is the latest addition from developer Twohand, and includes another new quest for the Radiant Heart, where the knights are asked to mount an assult against the terrifying Zamishar's Woe in Baator.

Lake Benwick

From Server Owner Irongron, and with accompanying events involving both players and DMS came the final (?) chapter in the long saga of Castle Benwick, also known as the Light Keep. From paladin fortress to thriving player settlement Benwick eventually fell soon after a gate to Baator was opened in its catacombs, and has spent the intervening years as devil-filled dungeon. Now at last, the keep is at rest, submerged beneath a deluge brought down from the Skull Crag Mountains above. With only the zenith of the Keep still visible above the waters it sits upon a silent and serene island at the centre of the lake. Unlike much of Arelith the Lake Benwick area is a non-hostile area - providing a rare moment of respite in the otherwise perilous Arelith Forest.

The Hermit Hole

Providing a secluded home along the shore of Lake Benwick, the Hermit Hole is a large player quarter restricted for purchase solely by players of the reward races Forest Gnome and Wild Dwarf. With a balcony overlooking the subterranean waters it is a location quite unique to Arelith.

The Wolf's-Head Camp

"When criminals flee justice for the wilds, they become outlaws, sometimes (and somewhat romantically) known as wolf's-heads. While heroes to some, the truth is that most are simply dangerous cut-throats, more than willing to take innocent lives in pursuit of what lies within their purse."

A small dungeon and camp accompany a new spawn set introduced to much of Arelith Forest. Led by a local folk-hero these outlaws are nevertheless a violent band of enemies. Ranging from poachers to deserters from the local military forces they have each decided to live beyond the borders of Arelith's law-abiding settlements, and are claiming territory in the Arelith Forest as their own.

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