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An oasis of roleplay and classic Dungeons and Dragons, Arelith has been the definitive online RPG experience for over 15 years.

Play in a truly persistent world that grows and evolves with or without you. Create the story you’ve always wanted along side hundreds of other players who are always in character.

Arelith is developed entirely within the Neverwinter Nights engine, this means that all you need is a copy of the game to start playing.

No other downloads or purchases required.


NwN Vault

A vault of community made modules and custom content.

NwN Vault

"It is expected that all players will be familiar with the rules upon joining."

Role Play

We’re a roleplay server, this brings with it the requirement you stay ‘In Character’ at all times.

‘Out of Character’ PMs are allowed.


Combat and Political actions against other characters must be interactively role played.

If your character is killed by another (or vice versa), you must wait 48 real time hours before interacting again.


No Excessive Theft.

Stealing more than once per 24 real time hours against the same player is prohibited.

Be Nice

We do not tolerate unwarranted rudeness, harassment and poor gamesmanship.

Arelith is a ‘PG-13’ server, cybering is not permitted.

Listen to the DMs

The Dungeon Masters are the final authority in any dispute, question or issue that may arise.

The DMs are contactable in-game or via the Forums